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EYFS Outcomes


The EYFS there are two points statutory checks are made of children’s progress, one when a child is 2 years old then again during the child’s time in Reception class.


Information about the 2 year progress check is available in the Terrific for Twos section of this web-site.


During Nursery children’s progress is monitored at regular intervals as they progress through phases of development and this information is used to plan activities and opportunities to help them achieve their next steps.


Staff refer to the non-statutory guidance ‘Development Matters’ which shows how the principles that inform the EYFS work together to support children’s learning and gives guidance on typical development for different age phases between 0-60 months. This information helps staff to make ‘best fit’ judgements about whether a child is showing typical development, may be at risk of delay or is ahead for their age.


The age/stage bands in the Development Matters guidance overlap because these are not fixed age boundaries but suggest a typical range of development as every child develops at their own rate and in their own ways.


There are no national guidelines for expected levels of attainment when children start/leave Nursery school but we recognize that children are more likely to achieve the Early Years Outcomes at the end of their Reception year if they leave Nursery school achieving most of the 30-50 phase and beginning the 40-60 phase. When leaving Nursery most of our children are working within the 30-50 or 40-60 phase. 


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